Review of ergonomic archery glove

Review of ergonomic archery glove

We are glad to present the result of long reflections on the topic of ergonomic gloves for archery! This glove is made in a stylish direction - steampunk - and has a lot of useful features.

- It has a universal system of adjustment for any length of archer's fingers, as well as for each finger individually, which gives full fit and comfort when shooting.

Leather archery glove

- Due to the special lock you can adjust the tension force of the rubber bands, which gives a spring-loaded condition of the fingertips when shooting. That's why they remain in place after the shot, but do not fly off, and you do not have to correct fingertips everytime.

Leather archery glove

- Due to the elastic you can quickly and easily remove the fingertip from the fingers, so that they can rest without removing the glove from the wrist.

Leather archery glove

- The strap buckle on the wrist does not press and does not rub the hand, because it is brought upward.

- The fingertips are cone-shaped so that in case of wear or loosening of the leather, the finger cannot fall deeper. They also do not have square corners with which the archer sometimes clings to the bowstring.

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