Lucky Leather in magazine 'Leather craft'

Lucky Leather in magazine 'Leather craft'

The studio Lucky Leather creates the ammunition and accessories for archers. The main direction of work: quivers, bow covers, arrow tubes, protection for hands. The workshop manufactures other leather products. In particular - bags, scabbards, belts and more.

Статья в журнале "Кожевенное дело"


SAADAK. Leather or velvet decorated bow cover. Old men called the whole device of armament: a bow with a cover and a quiver with arrows.

BOW COVER. It's a case for bow. In Rus it was often called the Mongolian word "sagaidak". Together with the quiver, they made a "sagaidak set" (sometimes also called a sagaidak).

FINGER-STALL - Designed to protect the archer's fingers during a shooting. This product is made of genuine leather or high-quality substitutes that can reduce the shock load. The fingertip must be selected very carefully, this product should not only close the fingers, but also not interfere with the shooting, not to reduce its accuracy. The accessory must be selected in size, if possible it should be adjusted depending on the length and thickness of the fingers.

ARM GUARD - Used to protect the forearms and wrists. Often it is made in the form of a special mesh, which allows you to use the accessory even in warm summer weather.

Статья в журнале "Кожевенное дело"

Workshop Lucky Leather was formed as a result of awareness of the lack of high-quality and convenient archery equipment. That is why the workshop motto sounds like “Made for archers by archers”, because nobody can understand the archer's needs better than the archer himself.  Masters prefer to work in the historical direction using original sources when creating ornaments. But they do not neglect the modern styles and designs.

Статья в журнале "Кожевенное дело"

The Lucky Leather Studio works were given to people like President Yang Seung-Jo and Chief Secretary of the World Traditional Archery Federation in Korea (WTAF) - Won Sung-Mo, to Founder of the Cyprus Horseback Archery Federation Pavlos Charalambous. And also the President of the most famous Turkish club "Talimhane" Adnan Mehel.

The highest quality and top tools of famous masters of the world are used to create the workshop products. Novelties of the workshop are always tested for functionality by archery masters.

The main feature of Lucky Leather products is maximum ergonomics, convenience and practicality, original design and one hundred percent handmade. Some products are made in the reconstruction direction with a maximum repeating of authentic ornaments of different styles, taken from exhibits of various museums.

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